Mark Germanos

    Originally from Wollongong, I moved to Sydney in 2013 to pursue a career in medicine, health and fitness, with the goal of improving health by understanding the underlying theory and integrating this with real-world practice. Since then I graduated with Honours from Sydney University with a bachelor of medical science, and continued this into a PhD where I researched a very specific cellular mechanism that is relevant to type 2 diabetes. Practically, I became a certified personal trainer and joined Rise, where I have been working with and learning from all kinds of clients in Pyrmont since 2014.

    While we all have similar goals, I believe that we each have a unique path of progression and I really enjoy the task of working with you to figure out what that path is and guiding you to stay on it. We can approach this endeavour on two fronts. On one front, we work on your limitations in order to raise your ability to operate as a fit and healthy human. And on the other front, we work within the limits of your current ability and employ evidence-based, tailored strategies that are designed to expand your capacity to express fitness and vitality. In doing so, we make progress towards your mental and physical goals and ensure sustainability in the long term.

    I can’t wait to meet you where you are at and start this incredible journey with you!