I met my yoga teachers Yogi Charu and Sudevi Sundari in 2006. At the time I had always embraced health and fitness however, I was so amazed at how good I felt with the yoga practices on all levels. They allowed me to experience the physical health as well as the subtle – balancing mind and emotions.

    I enjoy focusing on harmonious breathing and movement with awareness. Through the practices of Hath yoga, I offer a sequence of dynamic postures, breath expansion and deep relaxation.

    Every day the body is different and therefore we make adjustments daily to bring balance back. It’s about connecting with you and your personal needs, ensuring that the practices we engage in are most appropriate for you so you can maintain a well balanced lifestyle.

    I encourage you to embrace all aspects of your being – balancing body, mind and spirit.

    I graduated as a qualified Hatha yoga and meditation teacher in 2009. I continue to learn from senior teachers such as Eileen Hall, Carolin Coggins and Swami Satyadharma. I look forward to connecting with you and sharing the wonderful teachings of this ancient practice.