Tommy Cochrane

    My philosophy…..
    “How deeply you touch another life is how rich your life is”

    I’m into:
    Travelling the world, climbing trees, experiencing other cultures, living in Ashrams, being in the ocean, Living the Vegan lifestyle, Meditating, Roadtrips,

    My skills …….
    With over 15 years experience iv developed skills in the areas of:
    Meditation and Yoga, Body weight movement, Boxing, Strength Training, Mobility & Flexibility, Running, Lifestyle Coaching, Corporate Speaking, Teaching & Workshops

    Best results with a client….
    I still train an amazing woman who overcame breast Cancer. She’s a mum of 3 kids, runs her own legal firm. Has done triathlons, never misses a session…
    We have trained together for 14yrs and she has been in remission for over 10 of those years….
    Her determination and Human Will are to me the greatest qualities and results that I have seen ?

    Favourite Movement:
    Surfing, Rockclimbing, Free Diving, Basketball, Parkour, Trail Running, Hiking, mountain Biking, Slacklining, Martial Arts