Josiane Soares

    I’m originally from Brazil and have been living in Australia for the past 5 years. My passion in life is helping others to achieve their potential. The human body is infinitely more capable than you could ever imagine but the trick lies in turning potential into reality.

    I have been in the health, fitness and nutrition industry for the past 5 years. During this time I was fortunate enough to participate in many sports events in Australia, also helping charity events such as Australian Breast Cancer Foundation.

    I have travelled the world on board cruise ships working as a Fitness Director presenting seminars about nutrition and exercise which is my passion.

    In 2013 I competed as an INBA Fitness Model and placed top 5 for the State of Victoria and have been working in many other projects to help educate people in regard to nutrition and exercise. I have also developed Personal Training and Nutritional Programs for many people including fitness model athletes.

    I worked closely with several Health and Fitness Professionals while living in Melbourne & I’m very excited to continue working with great professionals in Sydney.

    My passion in life is my job and endeavouring to give outstanding results in all that I do. I believe that my job entails an educational and motivational approach and I’m happy to help anyone achieve their short or long term health and fitness goals.

    I have been recognized as a Fitness Professional that is keen to apply my professional skills and knowledge in a way to inspire and benefit others.