Gaiti Rabbani

    I trained through the Barre Body program in Byron Bay Australia, which embodies a fluid approach to Pilates. The sequencing fuses principles of Pilates with elements of yoga and ballet to cultivate flow, balance, stability and strength. Classes are creatively designed to tone and strengthen the body through a series of dynamic movements leaving participants feeling energised and empowered.

    My classes cater to all fitness levels as modifications are provided to encourage participants to move to their own rhythm and ability while discovering the therapeutic effects of engaging the body in a healthy way. The focus is on quality of movement, fostering body-awareness and recognising how the body feels and moves.

    My introduction to Pilates was originally upon advice from my chiropractor as a means to strengthen my core and improve my posture to manage flare ups from a whiplash injury, however the more I practiced the more I appreciated the transformative powers of a good repertoire.

    As an enthusiastic tango dancer, I also teach Tango Therapy as a community service, encouraging participants to explore and cultivate a deeper level of coordination of the mind and body. I believe the way we carry ourselves and the way we connect with others in the dance is a reflection of our social, emotional and mental status. It continues to amaze me how Pilates and Tango are hugely synergistic; with strong fundamentals, the teachings can go well beyond the mat and the dance floor.

    As an Executive Trainer and Coach by day, I am passionate about encouraging others to be the best version of themselves in personal and professional quests, from the Board Room to the Pilates Mat.

    ‘When you dance to your own rhythm, life taps its toe to your beat.’