Ed Armstrong

    I am so passionate about all things health and fitness and I love to help guide people on their own journey to discover their true potential. I really believe that we are all capable of so much and that with the right mindset, the right tools, the right coaching and guidance we can all do amazing things. We can not only build the body we desire but more importantly, build the life of our dreams… My main goal is to help inspire and motivate as many people as I can to live their best life.

    I was very fortunate to study at one of the top Universities in Scotland and after 4 years there, I graduated with an Honours degree in Exercise Science with specializations in Biomechanics and Physiology. I loved the training aspect of the health world so much that I decided to gain further qualifications in Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and Personal Training as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Physical Education.

    After completing all my studies, I decided to move back to Sydney to pursue my career in the fitness industry. I have had the pleasure of working with numerous clients over the years, including elite athletes. However, my true passion lies in weight transformation. I am a firm believer that consistent effort, over time, produces great results. I really am so passionate about helping people understand their true potential in all areas of their life and I love to help guide them along the way.

    I look forward to working with you on your own personal journey.